Long-Term Infrastructure Planning in Ontario

Infrastructure spending (typically over spending) has been a topic of many discussions in Ontario, especially during political periods. In this Daily Commercial News article, the author does a nice job at highlighting the need for change, particularly transparency, innovation, and alignment with other government programs when the province procures and initiates infrastructure projects. It’s recommended that the province takes Infrastructure Ontario’s (IO) approach with their alternative financing & procurement model and apply it to projects less than $100 million dollars because traditionally it’s only applied to projects exceeding this number. Typically, public-private-partnerships (P3) are formed to undertake large infrastructure projects, but with the success that IO has had with the completion these projects, couldn’t it be applied to projects of a smaller scale? I agree with the author on asking such questions to better align Ontario’s infrastructure plans with what is actually getting built and the dollars being spent.

Streamlined Infrastructure Process

via DCN

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