Culture & Values

At Bronnenco Construction Ltd. we understand the importance of company culture and having a belief system that one holds him/herself to and their business. We understand the success that can come from setting and maintaining a system of values that rarely changes and that a company truly believes in. Bronnenco Construction Ltd. holds every stakeholder on any given project to the same standards we hold upon ourselves, which can be defined as:

  • Quality of workmanship. We want to deliver deficiency free projects built above industry standards.
  • Maintain a team first attitude and look to help others. On any given project, all parties are working together to achieve a common goal.
  • Communication is essential throughout the project lifecycle so no unexpected event arises. Bronnenco Construction fosters a proactive approach, not a reactive one.
  • Transparency with clients, consultants and sub-contractors has always worked to our advantage. We have nothing to hide and neither should you.
  • We operate under moral principles that dictates our business practices.
  • Zero tolerance for unsafe work practices and procedures. All individuals on a job site are expected to exercise due diligence.
  • Adaptable and willingness to change, especially with emerging advances in technology and the construction industry. At Bronnenco, we’re always open to feedback and a willingness to improve.
  • Environmentally friendly. We try to look for methods that can help limit waste in our everyday business practice. We encourage the use of eco-friendly building products and value projects that aim to achieve LEED.
  • Harassment and violence free workplaces. We expect nothing less from our employees and other partners we do business with.

We believe that these are the building blocks, the foundation, and the grassroots Bronnenco Construction Ltd. can attribute success to. This belief system is applied to any given project and remains static, so we hold ourselves true to our commitments as a business and as individuals.