New Workers and Green Skills

As our skilled labour force in Canada decreases each year and the need for an increase in new skilled trades approaches, pushing innovated programs such as “green skills” mentioned in the article link below is a great method to motivate our young labour force. If we can increase the enrollment rate for Canada’s trade schools through emerging initiatives that will have an impact on our country and that these workers may actually be interested in, is a fantastic method to boost skilled trades. It’s thinking outside the traditional box of education programs that could really push our labour market forward. Not to mention that boosting green skills will be essential moving forward and a demand will most definitely appear for workers to have essential skills in green techniques. Who will be installing and maintaining all the solar panels? What about building all the charging stations for the electric cars on the road, or framing all the mid-rise wood buildings soon to be popping up in cities. It’s examples like these where we will soon need a young skilled labour force trained by the skilled workers now, to help Canada achieve our environmental targets and maintain them for generations.

via Daily Commercial News

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